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Re: What font is it?

At 08:54 02/04/98 -0500, Sam Lanham wrote:
>I've checked Updike's *Printing Types* for 18th C. English faces and don't
>see any matches. What is the book you've scanned and by whom was it
>printed, when, where, etc.?

It's a book of Latin exercises from 1762 printed by "T. Pote" of London. I
picked it up really cheap at a garage sale many years ago, although the
boards had fallen off and stuff (which is too bad), but other than that
it's still rather interesting and filled with lots of the BS that they
believed at the time. ;)  If it's worth more than the five dollars I paid
for it in the condition it's in I'd be amazed -- but please feel free to
enlighten me otherwise, if it happens to be worth thirty million dollars or
something. ;)

I've scanned the title page and put that up at my site at...


...if that's of any interest (somehow), although, really, I suppose for my
purposes it's not really important what that specific font is, but just
what a font *like* that, from that period (if not, in fact, closer to 16th
century rather than 18th), would be and whether or not a font like that is
available in digital form (with the long "esses" and ligatures and
stuff)...and hopefully for free. 8)

>From the image it appears that some of the
>lower case "e"'s have a slanted horizontal stroke and some don't.  Is this
>correct or is it just an aberration of the image?

Odd. I must be blind, because I don't see what you mean. Are you sure there
wasn't a hair on your monitor? ;)

Thanks for your interest, Sam!

Ron :)

                       P  S  Y  M  O  N  ?  ?  ?  ?

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