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Re: digital type (What font is it?)

The best old font I've seen is from the Hoefler Type Foundry (at
www.typography.com) who has digitized the actual printed versions
of some old fonts (instead of reinterpreting them, which is what
the Adobe, Bitstream, and other designers did when they digitized
them).  Have a look at Hoefler's Historial Allsorts: it includes
some Fell types, a Civilite, and an Uncial.  You can't beat Hoefler's
versions for authenticity.

Shameless plug: I've put together a slowly improving FAQ on Letterpress
at www.greendolphinpress.com which has interesting and useful facts
on printing and type, as well as some web references for related
things of quality (including a list of about a dozen digital type
foundries on the web).  You might be interested in what you find there,
and if you have any suggestions for things to add, let me know.


        David Macfarlane,
        Green Dolphin Press.

> Also, are any of these early fonts -- complete with the long "ess" (s) and
> nice "ct" ligatures (and whatever other ones) and stuff -- available in
> digital format? Even better, are there any free fonts out there (hey, I'm
> poor) like these that anyone knows of that are available for download or
> that some kind soul would even just send me? I'm working on a piece that
> I'd like to do up in the style of an incunabulum, and it would be wonderful
> to have a font to use, rather than to have to scan each letter.

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