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Re: What font is it?

Seth wrote--

>First, just for the sake of precision, although we of the e-text age use =
>the term "font" to indicate a set of characters, in printing the term =
>refers to the space where each piece of movable type was placed.  So the =
>question should really be rephrased as "What type (or typeset) is this". =

Or, we old shop-printers use "face."
>Anyway, the type in question is one of the umpteenth quick and cheapies =
>used in the 18th century that was based on the exquisite Garamond =
>typeset from printing's heyday in the 16th.  There are significant =
>differences though, between Garamond type and the e-font of the same =

This face almost looks like a bunch of sorts of various sizes. It bears
some affinity here and there with both Garamond and Caslon but is identical
with neither.

 The differences in the angles of the "e" are merely due to =

Not so. Look at "allotted" in the first line and "when" in the second line.
As I said, it may be an aberration, but it's not italic.

And so much for my pedantry.

Sam Lanham

Sam Lanham (slanham@xxxxxxxx)

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