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How to Set up Fonts & Illuminated Celtic Capitals

> I have MSWord (which came with my PC) and
> ClickBooks (which I haven't tried yet).  How can I add a
> font like this person wants to do (if like I found one on the
> net)?

Everybody will probably answer this at once, but just in case everybody
waits for everybody else to do it.

Setting up a new font is actually very simple, and it isn't part of your
WordProcessing software (at least not with the software that I'm using) it's
part of your basic system options.

Download the font and UNZIP it if necessary (it may have been compressed as
a ZIP file).  Make a note of where the font file ended up.  Then, if you
have Windows 95, click on the start button.  Hit "Settings" then "Control
Panel".  The Control Panel has a "Fonts" option.  Double-click on that.
You'll see a list of your Fonts appear in a new window.  Click on "File" and
then "Install New Font".  The machine will then ask you for the file name of
the new Font - copy that out from your note or browse around your computer
until you find it.  Hit return.  The rest is automatic.

After all that, when you next restart your computer the new font should be
available on all your word-processor programmes which allow the use of

A good source for new fonts (some free, some expecting payment if you use
them) are the various Shareware sites.  ZDNet is good, and keyword
searchable.  For those wanting a historical appearance, I recommend the
freeware Celtic font on ZDNet - which has some absolutely beautiful
Illuminated Capital Letters.  Brilliant.

The lower case of Celtic (borrowed from a different font) is not quite as
impressive as the capitals, but you can use the Celtic capitals as
drop-capitals and then use a different font for the rest of the page, which
is what I'm doing.

I think ZDNet is probably located on www.zdnet.com, but I'll check this out
when I'm looking for that First Folio font and post it on the List later on.

Thomas Larque.

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