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Re[2]: What font is it?

     The non-techie method (for Windows 95) is to:

     Save the font file somewhere on your hard drive.
     From the Desktop open "My Computer"
     Open the Folder c:\windows\fonts
     From the pulldown menus choose:

     Install New Font

     point the computer back to the file you saved in step 1.

     Follow the instructions from there.

     good luck.

     Note:  If you buy a clip-art CD from a REPUTABLE software company they
     sometimes include royalty-paid or royalty-free fonts for installing.
     Some of the "fly-by-nite" companies include fonts that have just been
     re-named or re-scanned and deprive the font designer of much needed

     Lots of folks WANT to give you free fonts, just for fun (microsoft) or
     as as enticement to purchase some of their fonts (fonthaus).


     Matt Hannan
     Operations Specialist
     Sport Science &
     Technology Division
     U.S. Olympic Committee

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Subject: Re: What font is it?
Author:  "Book_Arts-L: The list for all the book arts!"
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Date:    4/2/98 10:27 AM

On Thu, 2 Apr 1998 08:03:52 -0500 Ron Koster <psymon@xxxxxxxx> writes:
> ... are there any free fonts out there (hey, I'm poor) like
  these that anyone knows of that are available for download or
  that some kind soul would even just send me?

Can anyone please tell me how to use a font like this (that
say someone sends me but wasn't originally part of my
program)?  I have MSWord (which came with my PC) and
ClickBooks (which I haven't tried yet).  How can I add a font
like this person wants to do (if like I found one on the

Thank you very much!

              All things work together for good
                  to them that love God.
                                    Romans 8:28

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