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The Shakespeare Folio Font that I mentioned can be downloaded from :


In Mac, Windows Truetype or Windows Postscript versions.  It is a Freeware
font, and will cost you nothing.  Unfortunately it doesn't look like it has
the characters that Ron wanted, but it is still very attractive.

To look around ZDNet's Shareware facility go to www.zdnet.com then look at
the advertising banner.  It isn't actually an advert, but a route to the
ZDNet Shareware archive.  If you want fonts click on the down arrow, choose
"Utilities" and press "Go".  You will then find yourself on the correct page
with a keyword search available.  Try "Font" if you want a list of all the
available font types.

The Drop-Capital Celtic font which I recommended (very beautiful) is called
CelticMD Truetype Font.  This is also Freeware, and will cost you nothing.


Thomas Larque.

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