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Finding Fonts????

I can't thank Thomas Larque <thomas_larque@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
enough for explaining how to add fonts (and the site he gave
for ZDNet was correct).

Now that I understand how to add new fonts, can anyone tell
me where to find beautiful fonts (e. g., Old English or
Celtic or anything you think is gorgeous) appropriate for
printing out books of poetry?  (Commercial, shareware, or
freeware are fine - I'm trying to find the most beautiful
fonts I can, and don't want to skimp.)

I like the idea of drop-capitals or illuminated capital
letters Thomas mentioned.  Can I use illuminated capital
letters with a plain (all black) printer, or would I need a
color printer for that?

Thank you so much!  I checked the archives and have ordered
some of the books recommended, but am still trying to grasp
all this.  This mailing list is the best anywhere!!!!!!!!!!

              All things work together for good
                  to them that love God.
                                    Romans 8:28

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