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Re: How to Set up Fonts & Illuminated Celtic Capitals

> If I could trouble you with one more question, what alphabet are you
> using for the small Celtic letters, and where did you find it?

There is in fact a lower case alphabet with the font, as I say, but it
doesn't match very well.  There are a couple of other Celtic Fonts on ZDNet
(see my "Fonts" posting to see how to get into ZDNet) which might be
appropriate, but you'll have to experiment.

Personally I'm going to be printing modern-spelling editions of the less
well known or less easily available Renaissance texts - and these often
use an ornate Drop-Capital at the start of the page, followed by a fairly
plain font for the rest of the text.  So I'm just using CelticMD
Drop-Capitals and Times New Roman main text.

Sorry if that isn't very helpful.



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