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Re: Finding Fonts????

> Now that I understand how to add new fonts, can anyone tell
> me where to find beautiful fonts (e. g., Old English or
> Celtic or anything you think is gorgeous) appropriate for
> printing out books of poetry?

For a list of Shareware Providers, try looking at www.excite.com and then
moving to their Software : Shareware category list - which can be found by
following the links on the homepage.  Most will offer Fonts of various

> Can I use illuminated capital
> letters with a plain (all black) printer, or would I need a
> color printer for that?

The font that I suggested (CelticMD) is a mono-font.  I don't know whether
colour fonts of the same sort of kind are available.  As far as I know, all
standard Fonts are single colour.

People with more creative and artistic skills than I have might be
interested in the Shareware programmes on ZDNet which are supposed to allow
you to design your
own Font (I haven't tried them, since I haven't an artistic bone in my

Thomas Larque.

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