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Setting up fonts on a Mac

We got an answer on how to install fonts on a compute running Windows, not
here's how to do it on a Mac.

To install fonts on the Machintosh, simply drag the font files to the System
folder.  You will get a dialog box saying that fonts need be in the fonts
folder and then asking if you want them put there.  Click OK.  Very simple.

There are different types of fonts.  Some have two parts: bitmapped or screen
files (usually for several set sizes) and a second postscript part.  The
screen fonts should come in a suitcase--leave them there when installing.  The
postscript part is what your computer downloads to the laser printer when you

Trutype fonts have only one file.  With some fonts you will find both a
bitmapped version (the one with the different sizes) and the Trutype version
both together in the same suitcase.  This is just fine.  How do you tell a
Trutype font from a screen font?  Make sure you are viewing files with their
icons.  On a Mac, if you are viewing a list, go to the main menu in the white
bar across the top of your screen.  Under the heading "View" choose "by Icon."
 Then look in the font suitcase.  Trutype fonts have an icon with three
progressively smaller "A" letters.  Screen fonts have a single "A."

So if you've got files in a suitcase where the icons have the three As, you've
got all you need.  If the files in the suitcase state point sizes and the
icons have only one A, you need to make sure you have the postscript file for
that font, too.

Pamela Rups
Computer Multimedia Specialist
University Computing Services
Western Michigan University
Kalamazoo, MI  49008
(616) 387-5016

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