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There is a site from U. of Oregon which has many non-Western fonts. Most
are for the Mac, but there are a few Windows ones scattered about.  All are
freeware, from what I can tell. Some are better than others, so you'll have
to download and see. What I have found is that the large the file size of
the download, the better the font you'll get (also the longer the download
will take). Some of the languages include:

American Sign Language, Arabic, Celtic, Chinese, Coptic, Hebrew, Icelandic,
Japanese, Korian, Russian, Turkish, and many others, including Klingon,
Romulan, and Tolkein (for those Trekies and Hobbits out there).

The URL is http://babel.uoregon.edu/yamada/fonts.html

Hope this helps,

At 12:17 PM 4/2/98 -0500, you wrote:
>Can anyone tell me if non-Roman type faces such as Greek, Hebrew, Islamic=
>or Russian) can be purchased or downloaded?  I have a Macintosh Performa.=
>Thanks you.
>Nancy Nitzberg

         Eric Alstrom           Athens, Ohio          alstrom@xxxxxxxxx
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                     R. Bringhurst: The Elements of Typographic Style

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