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Re: What font is it?

At 10:36 02/04/98 -0500, Sam Lanham wrote:
>>First, just for the sake of precision, although we of the e-text age use =
>>the term "font" to indicate a set of characters, in printing the term =
>>refers to the space where each piece of movable type was placed.  So the =
>>question should really be rephrased as "What type (or typeset) is this". =
>Or, we old shop-printers use "face."

Oops. Pardon me for fonting up earlier.

> The differences in the angles of the "e" are merely due to =
>Not so. Look at "allotted" in the first line and "when" in the second line.
>As I said, it may be an aberration, but it's not italic.

Oh, yes, now I see it, too. You have a much keener eye than I.

>And so much for my pedantry.

Actually, your (and other's) erudition has been most welcome. Thank you.

Ron :)

                       P  S  Y  M  O  N  ?  ?  ?  ?

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