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Re: URLs (again)

Ron Koster wrote:
> [?]
> I hope that's not more than you wanted to know (although I'm sure it's far
> from complete [?] and would welcome any additional ones of any interest
> or import).

> Sorry for this re-post, but I don't know about you all, but my copy of my
> last message came back with the URLs all over the place, so I thought I'd
> try reformatting it a bit to see if they go through a little nicer. I hope
> they do, but either way, please pardon my reposting this list again (let's
> hope it was worth it).
> Also, if you have a site that "should" be in here, or that is in here but
> should be corrected in some way (if your site's moved or something), well,
> please do let me know!

Ron Koster wrote:
> PS. I hope this list of URLs doesn't come out as weird as the last one I
> sent out came back to me...

The URLs came out fine the first time. The list is long,
whether complete or not. Thanks, Ron.

András Fürész

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