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Re: Chinese wirlwind binding

What a fascinating sounding binding structure-I would love to see the
picture mentioned-to see if I am visualizing it correctly......

On April 2 peng peng wang wrote:

>The only surviving example of the wirlwing binding, a hand-written =

>dictionary, is preserved at the National palace Museum, Beijing.  A =

>small book discussing binding styles, published in 1993 China, =

>eventually includes the photo of this rare book and clears my confusion =

>about this binding style.

Is this catalog available? Is it in English? I have been putting together=

asian book structures for a project in the public schools for High School=

students to create various "asian" book structures to house their project=
and papers they have been working on in social studies classes that are
currently working with the history and culture of China, Japan and India.=

I am sure that I am not the only on this list whose interested...

Mimi Schaer

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