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A few select typo resources (was Re: Finding Fonts????)


At 12:17 PM 4/2/98 EST, Julia Weldner <asong4god@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
>Now that I understand how to add new fonts, can anyone tell
>me where to find beautiful fonts (e. g., Old English or
>Celtic or anything you think is gorgeous) appropriate for
>printing out books of poetry?  (Commercial, shareware, or
>freeware are fine - I'm trying to find the most beautiful
>fonts I can, and don't want to skimp.)

While many fine fonts are available in shareware or freeware,
I wouldn't ignore the offerings of the major font publishers.
Their quality control is often more rigorous, character sets
are more complete, and their fonts are supposedly preferred by
many service bureaus.

Adobe has 2,000+ fonts available for viewing by category:


If you see something you like, it can be economically ($18/font)
purchased at Phil's Fonts:


There are a plethora of helpful type-related sites. One useful
and enjoyable one is Typofile magazine at Daniel Will-Harris'


>I checked the archives and have ordered some of the books
>recommended, but am still trying to grasp all this.

Don't know if you've considered this one, but I'll add my
vote to the many who have twice made Robert Bringhurst's
_The Elements of Typographic Style_ their first choice on the
TypeBooks web site's Top Ten Titles list:


Bringhurst's writing is insightful and satisfying on many levels,
not to mention just plain fun. His thoughts and their copious
illustrations are presented in a book formatted with poise and
grace. While he does have certain biases (can you say "Small caps
and old style figures"?) and these are, after all, just one man's
opinions, this is a well you will want to drink from again and
again. There, is that praise enough?

Last, for something beautiful and different, see your monitor
treated like a sheet of watermarked, laid paper on which some
striking traditional faces are displayed at Tiro Typeworks:


This merely scratches the surface of the trove of typographic
resources on the web, in print, and at fine presses, book arts
programs, and guilds about the planet. Enjoy!

~~~~~  Cheers,
~~~~~  Bryan Stover
~~~~~  bstover@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
disclaimer: affiliated with typebooks and proud of it

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