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Re: Thank you, Ron

At 23:05 02/04/98 +0100, Thomas Larque wrote:
>Many thanks to Ron for all those URL's.  I think I've been repaid a few
>hundred times over for that solitary First Folio Font.

Hey, you're welcome Thomas (and everyone else who thanked me, on list and
off) and many, many thanks to you and everyone else, too! You've all been
most helpful to me today, all day -- and thanks for all those additional
URLs that have been coming in as well! Really, it's been most fun and
informative, and I'm glad that, as much of a novice as I am at book arts
from a practical perspective (I'm really a web designer, moreso than a book
designer or anything), it was nice to give something useful back to this
list in return for a change.

Yes indeed, it's been a real pleasure -- although now I must excuse myself
to go and do what I should've been doing all day, and say hello, too, to
all those people from places other than this list who've been wondering
just where I up and disappeared to today... ;)

Ciao for niao, folks...

Ron :)

PS. Thomas, you also asked...

>Talking about the Folio Font, has anybody else tried to download the Windows
>Truetype version?  It didn't want to download for me - although it told me
>that it had.  Has anybody else had similar problems?

...and sorry, but that's not me (I got the postscript one).

                       P  S  Y  M  O  N  ?  ?  ?  ?

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