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Archaic characters

I would suggest Ron be careful in using long esses. Historically they wer=
e=0Aused in initial (but never replacing a capital S) or medial positions=
, and=0Anever at the end of a word. For example, the Constitution begins

In Congre=DF (the last character can be made on a Mac with just about any=
=0Atypeface by holding down the option key and typing an "s")

There are many English words that can be read quite differently by a read=
er=0Aunfamiliar with  long ess, which resembles an "f." For those who lik=
e=0Aarchaisms I suggests printing/writing out that delightful Shakespeare=
 quote=0Ausing a long ess,

Where the bee sucks there suck I. . . . ;-)

R. Williams =0A

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