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Re: Archaic characters

At 23:46 02/04/98 EST, Boillr wrote:
>I would suggest Ron be careful in using long esses. Historically they wer=
>e=0Aused in initial (but never replacing a capital S) or medial positions=
>, and=0Anever at the end of a word.

Actually, a thread on this topic was one of the first ones that I
entertained when I first signed onto the web, and onto this list -- but I
would certainly be quite entertained by another thread on this topic, if
anyone else would oblige me! :)

Back then (I believe it was in November or so of '96) I summarized an
article on the subject by Ronald B. McKerrow ("Typographic Debut", which
Paul A. Bennett -- which is actually a pretty nifty little book for anyone
interested in early books and typography and stuff) with the following...

>- "f" (i.e. "long ess") was used initially and medially, with "s" finally
>- only one capital letter, "I", for "I" and "J", and one capital letter,
>"V", for "V" and "U".
>- most fonts had lower case "i" and "j", but "j" was only used in the
>combination of "ij" as a ligature.
>- the use of "v" and "u" had to do with placement: "v" used at the
>beginning of a word and "u" medially, thus "vse" "euent" and "vua" (=
>latin "uva").
>- "Rimes and puns show that the Elizabethans *called* V by the name we now
>give to U (hence W is called double-u)" [quote]
>- "w" is often represented by "vv" in early fonts, as well as in later
>fonts of extra large size [etc.].

In other vvords, I'm quite avvare of the vse -- and poffible hazards -- of
thefe earlier letterforms and letter-vfages, hovveuer, the text that I will
be typefetting is iust my own, and fo I'll be able to auoid any potential
double-entendres -- or, alternatiuely, purpofely deuife them for iouial
ends and allovv them to euolue -- at my leifure.

I muft alfo fay thanks to you and Thomas, though, for the morning fmiles
vvhich vvhere very vvelcome on this bleak, cold, damp morning vp here in
the Ottavva Valley.

Haue a fantaftic Friday and louely vveekend, eueryone!

Ron :)

                       P  S  Y  M  O  N  ?  ?  ?  ?

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