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PostScript fonts on PCs

Ms. J,

At 10:03 PM 4/2/98 -0800, you wrote:
>I can't thank you enough!!!!

You already have.

Actually, I forgot to mention a couple of things in my post.
Adobe sells only PostScript Type 1 fonts (except for their web
fonts). To use Type 1 fonts under Windows, you'll need Adobe
Type Manager running. The cheapest way to get it *may* be to
install the Adobe Acrobat Reader plug-in for your web browser,
as I've read that it also installs a no-frills version of ATM.
Otherwise, the bare bones ATM should be supplied with any font
purchase on diskette.

If you become seriously enamored of fonts and collect lots of
them, you'll soon want a way to cut through system overhead and
menu hodgepodge by installing at any given time only a basic
group of fonts (which will no doubt evolve constantly as you
experiment with new things), as well as functional groups for
projects, which would be installed on a temporary basis.

The blurb on Adobe's product is at:


  "The Deluxe version of Adobe Type Manager(R) [ATM(R)] software
   offers powerful new features that let you custom-organize all
   of your Type 1 and TrueType fonts. Using interactive control
   panels, you can install typefaces with point-and-click simpli-
   city. Easily create custom sets of fonts that apply to different
   projects, users, or any other classification you choose. In
   seconds, you can activate only the typefaces you need and then
   deactivate them when you're finished.

  "ATM Deluxe can also smooth fonts, preview typefaces on-screen,
   print sample pages, and create multiple master instances quickly
   and easily. As millions have come to expect from award-winning
   ATM software, ATM Deluxe provides crisp, clear type at any point
   size, on Adobe PostScript(R) and non-PostScript printers alike."

Bitstream's product for the same purpose is Font Navigator. I don't
know whether ATM is required and it doesn't appear that you can create
multiple master instances with it. A free 30 day evaluation period
would give you a chance to find out for sure. Info is at:


  "Bitstream® Font NavigatorTM is a font management utility that
   runs in Windows® 95 and Windows NT 4.x. Use it to manage your
   TrueType® and PostScriptTM Type 1 fonts. Font Navigator gives
   you a quick and easy way to find fonts, install those fonts,
   organize fonts into manageable groups, and view and print font

For an inexpensive collection of well-crafted fonts (albeit lacking
expert sets), you might consider the Bitstream 500 Font CD:


  "The Bitstream® 500 Font CDTM gives you 500 professional-quality
   typefaces on one unlocked compact disc. The CD gives you a superior
   collection of fonts, perfect for home or office. Selected from the
   renowned Bitstream Typeface Library, this CD provides you with high
   quality fonts at a low price."

Last, there are descriptions of installing PostScript fonts on a Mac-
intosh, installing PostScript fonts on a PC, and installing TrueType
fonts on a PC at:


Hope this helps!

~~~~~  Cheers,
~~~~~  Bryan Stover
~~~~~  bstover@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
.disclaimer: not affiliated with adobe or bitstream.

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