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Aw, shucks (was Re: NON-ROMAN TYPE FACES (also Re: Fonts))

At 20:03 02/04/98 -0400, Richard Miller wrote:
>The address for the Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild website
>below still works (for the time being) but we have recently applied for,
>and been granted, our own domain name. The website noted above is on a new
>server and is the the site which will be maintained on a regular basis (I
>like to think that the links page is one of the most comprehensive book
>arts links pages on the web ;-) Ron Koster's site, which has scans of
>Holbein's Dance of Death initials, is linked,

Gee, I'm humbled. I actually made it onto a list of book arts sites!
Yippee! :D

Sorry for my over-elation,<g> but as I was saying yesterday, I'm much more
of a web designer than a book designer or anything. I mean, in my entire
life I've hand-bound a total of 1.5 books. Now, I suppose that's 1.5 books
more than "most people" have bound, but still that hardly qualifies me as a
bookbinder, and I'm far from an expert in book/printing history or
anything, either. I suppose I might know more in that area than the average
Joe (or Betty-Jo), but still, despite a couple of years on this list, I'm
constantly humbled by the level of knowledge and expertise of others here.
I guess you might say that it's been sort-of like being someone who always
wanted to play the violin, but had to content himself with sitting in the
audience and watching others really create the music; I might have taken a
couple of lessons and know a few chords and some theory, and have a
reasonable aesthetic sense and taste, but generally don't have much more to
offer the ensemble than the occasional "Bravo!" or "Encore!".

Still, though, sitting here in the sidelines the vast majority of this time
I've been here, and watching all you virtuosi play as you jam together and
explore how to create your masterpieces, has been truly moving at times. We
even have a few punks on the list that I've enjoyed listening to, lots of
New Wave, and Mr. Minsky's experiments with heavy metal have certainly been
interesting, to say the least. I've particularly enjoyed these rather
Baroque discussions we've just been having -- indeed, I don't know about
the rest of you, but to me this last little analogy of mine is quite
appropriate to me, because a beautiful title page, an exquisite binding, or
just a quaint little drop cap floated perfectly, and delicately, into a
paragraph is no less exhilarating to me than the sounds of sweetest music.

Thanks for the link, Richard! I feel as though you just finished cutting an
album, and although I've only been sitting here in the audience for most of
this time, and despite the fact that I keep getting my fingers caught
between the strings, I'd made a fun little ditty in my spare time that you
felt was good enough for inclusion, somehow, amongst the work of so many
masters, amongst these masterpieces created by you all.

Congrats, too, on your domain name -- that's another thing I aspire to! ;)

One of these years, one of these years...

Ron :)

                       P  S  Y  M  O  N  ?  ?  ?  ?

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