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Chinese book art

        I received great response for the message I post "Chinese wirlwind =
binding" and found quite a lot of people being interested in Chinese =
book art. Unfortunately, there are not many publications in English =
available (actually, not even in Chinese, I will say). The most =
accessible English resource is part 1, vol.5 of the series called =
"Science and Civilisation of China" by Joseph Needham, published in =
1985, by Cambridge University Press. The title for part 1 is "Paper and =
Printing" by Tsuen-Hsuin Tsien, which is a huge book examing all the =
possible topics related to Chinese paper and printing. There is a small =
chapter discussing Chinese book forms (but its explanation for wirlwind =
binding is still not up-to-date).=20
        Since my major interest is conservation, my thesis focuses on material =
and technique which conservators usually concern. My interest toward =
Chinese books started from the moment I worked with the book conservator =
 in the National Central Library, Taiwan. We restored the Ming =
dynasty(1368-1644) rare books by oriental mounting technique. After the =
experience, I feel closer to the materials and decided to explore more. =
I am fascinated by the history of Chinese books and touched by how =
ancient Chinese value all the materials related to writing and books. =
You will be amazed by just knowing those terms for book and printed =
format like: book brain (the area where the book has been =
thread-stitched), book mouth( foredge)---- heavenly head, earthly foot, =
book ear, elephant trunk----
        Hopefully, my information will be helpful for the book lovers. For =
other requests, I will reply individually.=20
peng peng wang=00=00

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