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Re: Columbia Book and Paper Arts Biennial

Dear Richard,
I'm curious as to why you do not enter juried shows. Our last bienniel show
had space for only 50 books but we had over a 100 entries. We had no other way
to put the show together but to "jury" it-- make selections that we thought
would make the most interesting show.  How would you handle such as situation
other than  a jury?
I do have a problem with a fee for entry to a show. We tried a fee one year at
our bienniel, ( actually you got your money back if your book was not accepted
and if it was, you got a catalogue) but quickly abandoned it. All our other  4
bienniels have had no fee. We are a small group and certainly not rich but we
manage. We depend on volunteer work, donations, and the sale of a catalogue. I
would be curious about how others feel about entry fees.   Patty Grass

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