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Re: Columbia Book and Paper Arts Biennial

In a message dated 4/3/98 2:38:22 PM, you wrote:

<< I
would be curious about how others feel about entry fees.   Patty Grass>>

I do not enter competitives that require a fee. The cost to the artist is
already so high (slides, duplication of slides, mailing, return mailing,
insurance, not to mention the [usually unrecoverable] cost of the work itself)
that to require a fee as well puts me well over the top in terms of both
ability to pay and tolerance. Even in times when funds were more readily
available through grants to finance exhibitions, artists were routinely asked
to "contribute" by paying a fee to have their work seen. No, not SEEN, merely
JUDGED. I still consider it indicates both arrogance and laziness on the part
of a competitive's organizers to require entry fees. There are few other
professions in which the practitioners must pay for the priviledge of working
(or having their work seen) as those in visual arts professions do. Imagine
requiring a musician, a dancer or an actor to pay a fee to audition! Just my
(not very humble) opinion. Barbara H.

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