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Re: Columbia Book and Paper Arts Biennial

Having organized two major travelling exhibitions for the Guild of Book
Workers I can say that I am wholeheartedly for entry fees. GBW is a
volunteer based organization which while not poor is also not so flush with
cas it can afford to subsidize everything. The fees help recover costs
associated organizing the show, as well as paying for the postage back. The
last one is where most of the money goes. I think it also helps to keep the
entrants serious ones. It's about getting what you pay for. We also had to
raise money for the catalog. Sites were expected to pay for shipping to the
next leg via overnight + ins.

I also agree with jurying. That aspect is tough and we've had problems, but
quality is an issue. It's not just aesthetic quality, ie. are there glue
stains on the cover, is the workmanship horrible... but also structural.
These items have to travel. For my first GBW show, I had to call an entrant
on the night before jurying because we were trying to get the piece to the
point where it could be juried (self-destructing). It flunked, but also
wouldn't have survived the first leg... Artistic quality is a REAL tough
one, and I believe that is what Richard was alluding to. I've had books
rejected from three shows. In the first case I agreed, in the second I
didn't, and the third well, it didn't matter and there were TONS of
entries, far more than they had space for. Fact is, it happens. We all
invest A LOT of ego in our pieces and rejection hurts. If we understand
why, and I think in most cases we do, especially if it's pointed out and
well explained. From there we take stock and move on. Same as in any other
competative thing we do.


>I do have a problem with a fee for entry to a show. We tried a fee one
year at
>our bienniel, ( actually you got your money back if your book was not
>and if it was, you got a catalogue) but quickly abandoned it. All our
other  4
>bienniels have had no fee. We are a small group and certainly not rich but we
>manage. We depend on volunteer work, donations, and the sale of a
catalogue. I
>would be curious about how others feel about entry fees.   Patty Grass

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