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exhibition fees


I'm glad you asked. The subject of exhibition fees has irritated me for a
long time. I do about 5 or 6 book exhibitions a year (both juried and
invitational) and have done so for many years. Over time, the fees for
entering slides for jurying have jumped up radically and, percentage-wise,
it doesn't make sense. I have also been on the jury end, and I know what is

These days, it has to be a really big, important show for me to pay more
than $20 to be judged. I'll go $15 for others. Recently a gallery offered to
refund my money if I wasn't accepted. I was astonished and quite pleased.
But this is an exception from the usual. I've even been asked to send in $25
and then, if accepted, $10 more!

I'd like to hear the opinion of other exhibitors and exhibitees on this
Also on galleries who take 60% commission. Who do they think they are?
Without us they'd have nothing to exhibit! \\*humph*//


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