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Re: exhibition fees

I have come to think of exhibitions fees in this light-sort of like playi=
the lottery. I have an annual budget-say $50 (a made up number for this
discussion) and this make me choose very very selectively. Who is the
juror, what is the return, are there awards fees, etc. I have been
fortunate to be able to exhibit my work in many venues. I am not against
fees per se, however it is important to think pretty carefully before you=

send one in. And in my experience, the most satisfying experiences have
come from non fee situations. =

I do think it is important to support financially organizations and
projects that have supported me and my work. I have an annual budget, whi=
varies from year to year based on on a percentage of what I am able to ea=
from actual art sales.  This is pretty informal, you can't "apply". Its
just my way of giving back, albeit in a very small way. Maybe someday, it=

will be bigger.

Mimi Schaer

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