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Summer Fun


        Come to little Bisbee, Arizona, for the summer and work on a
project, produce an edition, whap out a lot of paper... whatever your heart

For July and August I have a small apartment for rent ($300 a month), fully
furnished. I just painted it! You will have access to my large papermaking
studio and bindery with all the related machinery while you are here.

Bisbee is a very small town in the lower right hand corner of Arizona in the
hills at 5300 ft elevation. It's not deserty at all and doesn't get too hot
in the summer. It's a former copper mining town-turned tourist charming, but
very laid back and a trifle funky. You'll like it.

The first lucky artist who comes up with a month's rent and the same deposit
will get it. Rental for both months only. Call me at (520)432-5924


I want to die in motion. When I drop in my tracks, I want   >
my body to skid for a week.                                 <
Pat Baldwin                                                 <                                                                               >
P.O. Box 1711                                               <
Bisbee AZ 85603                                             >
 (520)432-5924                                              >
Pequeno Press
Waterleaf Mill & Bindery                                                        ARIZONA WORKSHOPS
Starcatcher Inc.
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