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Re: Finding Fonts????

At 12:17 PM 4/2/1998 EST, you wrote:
>I can't thank Thomas Larque <thomas_larque@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>enough for explaining how to add fonts (and the site he gave
>for ZDNet was correct).

>Now that I understand how to add new fonts, can anyone tell
>me where to find beautiful fonts (e. g., Old English or
>Celtic or anything you think is gorgeous) appropriate for
>printing out books of poetry?  (Commercial, shareware, or
>freeware are fine - I'm trying to find the most beautiful
>fonts I can, and don't want to skimp.)

Be wary of "shareware" font sites. Many of them contain illegally pirated
font software.

Two essential sites for those seeking out type are http://www.typeindex.com
for a list of all reputable foundries on the web and
http://www.typeright.com for some background on the rights of type designers.

>I like the idea of drop-capitals or illuminated capital
>letters Thomas mentioned.  Can I use illuminated capital
>letters with a plain (all black) printer, or would I need a
>color printer for that?

You can use them on a black and white printer, but of course they'll come
out with shades of gray rather than color if color is specified.

>Thank you so much!  I checked the archives and have ordered
>some of the books recommended, but am still trying to grasp
>all this.  This mailing list is the best anywhere!!!!!!!!!!

If I might be immodest for a moment, let me recommend the magazine which I
edit & publish, Serif. For more info see http://www.quixote.com/serif/


Don Hosek           dhosek@xxxxxxxxxxx    Quixote Digital Typography
312-953-3679        fax: 312-803-0698     orders: 800-810-3311
http://www.quixote.com/serif/ or mail serif-info@xxxxxxxxxxx

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