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<< Imagine requiring a musician, a dancer or an actor to pay a fee to
audition! Just my (not very humble) opinion. Barbara H. >>

Actually, this week my son (12, who has acted in professional theatre)  *was*
required to pay a nominal audition fee ($5.00) for a children's production. In
return, each auditioner was given one ticket to the performance, whether or
not (s)he was cast. I thought this was brilliant but manipulative from a fund-
raising standpoint. A young child would require an adult escort, thus the
purchase of another ticket. If the child was cast, then two parents and others
might want to attend...more ticket sales. If the family chose not to use the
complementary ticket, then the seat would be freed up for another paying
viewer, in effect selling the seat twice. This is a non-profit outfit and I'm
sure they have expenses to meet. There were 114 who auditioned (quick math=
$570.00?) and who knows how many were disuaded from bringing their children?
It could become costly for a low-income family with four children...

I had good luck the first couple times I submitted art -usually framed
calligraphy- for juried exhibitions, but I have pretty much decided not to
enter any more. When it does pay off and submissions are accepted, the packing
and shipping costs AND TIME are quite hefty and I have given up hope of
selling work or gaining clients through this means.

Beth Weiss

p.s. Oh yes! My son was cast as Jack (as in Beanstalk) and is enjoying the
play very much. If anyone needs tickets, just call me....  ;-)

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