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A little off the topic

Hi everyone,

Sorry to turn to the Book Arts and Paper Lists for my request, but you're
the only ones I belong to and have large numbers of people to appeal to.

I am treading on new ground and have started writing a fiction novel.  I
have one character who is in her early 20's and I need some lingo language
- I don't think people say "far out" or "neat" any more, all I could think
of is "cool".  If any of you who are of this age group or have kids in this
age group and could help me out, please contact me directly at

Also, for any of you that have publishing experience and could offer tips,
advice or suggestions on how to get my novel read, traps to avoid or
whatever you can tell me, I would also appreciate your assistance.  I am
truly wet behind the ears on this one.



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