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Re: Chinese book art


Further to peng peng wang's posting....I suggest the following title to
anyone interested in Chinese Bookbinding.  ppw is correct, as far as my
knowledge goes, about the paucity of information avialable to English
speaking (and reading) peoples, so anything is worth noting.

Martinique, Edward.  Chinese Traditional Bookbinding: A Study of Its
Evolution and Techniques.  1983, Chinese Materials Center, The Republic of
China. 87 pgs, illustrated.    ISBN  0 89644 596 8

You might try the out-of-print webbers on this one, but don't hold your
breath.  Your best shot is through interlibrary loan, from one of those
oldfashioned institutions called a public library, remember them?  They
have doors, and hard bench seats to sit on and ole foggy liberrians (of
whom I am one) to say hushhhhhhhhhh.  But they also have a few wierd books,
like this one.   Check um out, you may be surprised.

Anyway, the book was written under the direction of the author whom ppw
cites in his post: Tsuen-hsuin Tsien, at the University of Chicago.

Edward Martinique, at last I knew, was at the Library School or on the
Library Staff of the University of North Carolina, my alma mater.

If any of you out there shake loose some extra copies of this title, let me
know, for I know others who would appreciate owning a copy.

ciao for now

don guyot             colophon@xxxxxxxxx

> From: peng peng wang <ppwang@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> To: BOOK_ARTS-L@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Subject: Chinese book art
> Date: Friday, April 03, 1998 11:26 AM
>         I received great response for the message I post "Chinese
wirlwind =
> binding" and found quite a lot of people being interested in Chinese =
> book art. Unfortunately, there are not many publications in English =
> available (actually, not even in Chinese, I will say). The most =
> accessible English resource is part 1, vol.5 of the series called =
> "Science and Civilisation of China" by Joseph Needham, published in =
> 1985, by Cambridge University Press. The title for part 1 is "Paper and =
> Printing" by Tsuen-Hsuin Tsien, which is a huge book examing all the =
> possible topics related to Chinese paper and printing. There is a small =
> chapter discussing Chinese book forms (but its explanation for wirlwind =
> binding is still not up-to-date).=20
> =09
>         Since my major interest is conservation, my thesis focuses on
material =
> and technique which conservators usually concern. My interest toward =
> Chinese books started from the moment I worked with the book conservator
>  in the National Central Library, Taiwan. We restored the Ming =
> dynasty(1368-1644) rare books by oriental mounting technique. After the =
> experience, I feel closer to the materials and decided to explore more. =
> I am fascinated by the history of Chinese books and touched by how =
> ancient Chinese value all the materials related to writing and books. =
> You will be amazed by just knowing those terms for book and printed =
> format like: book brain (the area where the book has been =
> thread-stitched), book mouth( foredge)---- heavenly head, earthly foot, =
> book ear, elephant trunk----
> =09
>         Hopefully, my information will be helpful for the book lovers.
For =
> other requests, I will reply individually.=20
> =09
> peng peng wang=00=00

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