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 Regarding exhibition fees, I'd like to make a gentle pitch for Colophon Page.

After nurturing the site for over two years, it remains the only commercial
site (to my knowledge) dedicated to the exhibition, promotion and sale of
the fine book and allied arts. It was created in response to the absolute
paucity of venues for the fine book arts and has sought to provide this
much needed resource.

At present Colophon Page charges a modest fee (below actual cost) to design
and set up the pages for an artist or publisher ($300 including up to ten
images and any accompanying text such as bio, exhibition/fair schedule
etc.) and a commission of 15% on sales generated by the web site (with the
artist as arbiter of the provenance of sale). *Work submitted is reviewed
to ensure a consistent level of quality.* There is a direct address to the
artist's pages. There are no other fees. Artists currently exhibiting on
the site have found it a valuable resource for informing their audience
about their work and generating publicity. Sales generated from the site
are modest, but continue to grow. There is a constant effort to bring new
material to the site including exhibitions and essays, that will increase
awareness of the portfolios on Colophon Page. In the near future, for
example, we will be the online exhibitor and seller for all the limited
edition books and prints published and offered by the Mezzanine Gallery at
the Metropolitain Museum of Art.

My goal is a single highly visible online resource for the work of fine
book artists internationally, and I hope that those of you concerned that
the arts of the fine book receive the  exposure and attention they merit,
will help support this goal.

Please take a look at the portfolios
<http://colophon.com/gallery/gallery.html#publishers> currently online. I
will be happy to answer any questions about exhibiting on Colophon Page,
and to discuss other possible collaborations and contributions.

best wishes
Jim Wintner

http://colophon.com  Colophon Page
http://photoarts.com PhotoArts

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