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Re: exhibition fees

Although I do not have time to do this right now, i must while the subject is
still luke warm:

Consider:  The costs of putting on an exhibit are far greater than
anyone can imagine.  There is the development of a mailing list; writing
and printing  notices, forms, addressing, placing stamps on, mailing, media
notices (same procedure) trips to copy shop, post office, purchase of
paper, etc., ink cartridges, office expenses, phone, computer (be it ever
so humble), records, set up, opening packages, establishing a tracking
program for items, empty packages. Then there are the entry forms, artists
statements, bios, alphabetizing and perforating for a 3-ring binder,
procedure of taking in/recording/deposting fees and paying out bills; then
there is communications other than mail such as maintaining email; phone
calls; drop-ins.  Taking of
photos of each item, getting developed and on  display;  setting up display
tables/lighting/cleaning; arranging for judges early on ( more mailing and
phone calls ); setting up items for the judges and having a system
recording their decisions and notifying entrants of their decisions) and
then actually
sending notices to participants; Then there's opening night with press &
other media, signage, lights, parking, beverages, food, clean up and  a
repeat of this
for special tour groups and the general public. The local cable group needs to
come and do a 30 minute special at some time during all this.  ARe you
still with me?  Then comes dismantling, a reverse of the above, and sending
out awards & certificates, repackaging items, mailing; post mortems on
everything etc.

It is a labor of love.....unless, of course, your group is blessed with
endowments and  benefactors or grants or is part of a university or business
group.  Much of the time it involves  art associations  who are dedicated
to bringing something unique before the local public.

Would someone like to estimate the number of MAN/WOMAN-HOURS necessary for all
of this?  Please do. ( We expect to lose  about $500 on Book Explorations
'98  and the $500 does not include the high hourly wages .. that will not
be paid. )

Keep bookin'


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