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Re: goldleaf

Barbara writes:
<<   I've always wondered exactly what constituted the differences in
 goldleaf between, say the XX Regular, the XX Glass (selected for glass
 gilding, I know), and the XX Patent, when they're all 23karet?
         Which do calligraphers use, for instance, and can bookbinders use
 the XX Glass on leather as well as the XX Regular, or if not, why not? >>

>From the calligraphic perspective ...

There are two types of gold leaf with which I'm familiar.  "Loose" gold is
sold in books of thin paper coated with armenian bole to keep the gold from
sticking to the pages.  This is considered to be superior to "patent" or
"transfer" gold, which is sold pressed onto the pages of the book.  In the
first instance, you are handling the gold leaf itself; in the second instance,
you are handling the gold with the paper backing attached and burnishing
through the paper backing.

"Double" gold is thicker than (but not twice as thick as) "single" gold leaf.
(Single gold leaf is 1/275,000 of an inch thick.)

Hope this helps some.


Beth Lee

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