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Re: exhibition fees

Yeah, I have to agree with Pat, et al.  When I was an artist first starting
out, the only way I could get people to see my work was to pay jury fee's.
Then later, when I had work accepted into galleries and sold pieces, that
commission hurt.  We all know the starving artist syndrome and believe me,
after paying out for materials, sometimes shipping, not to mention heart
and soul that goes into our work, to have to pay a jury fee just for the
priviledge to enter a competition is a slap in the face.

I have never had to pay a gallery 60% commission, but I know of artists who
have - I think that is a blatent rip off to the artist and I wouldn't deal
with them no matter what their reputation is.  Can it really be worth 60%
of my work?  No wonder the price of art becomes unreachable to the average
Joe & Jane Blow...

my 2 cents worth,

Colette Vosberg

Pat B. wrote:

> I'd like to hear the opinion of other exhibitors and exhibitees on this
> subject.
> Also on galleries who take 60% commission. Who do they think they are?
> Without us they'd have nothing to exhibit! \\*humph*//
> Pat

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