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Knives for Sale

I have been making and using the following knives for around six years, and
find them superior to other knives availiable.  All are supplied ready to
use, no grinding or sharpening necessary. A number of bookbinders and
conservators swear by them. All are aesthetically pleasing as well as very

Peachey Paring Knife
English style.  18 x 2.5 cm.  Made from spring steel.  Slightly curved shape
for finger clearence. Also slightly flexible, so when paring very thin
pieces of leather, blade angle rises when pressure is applied to prevent
digging in and tearing.  Fully sharpened, ready to use, complete with wound
cord and leather handle and blade cover.  Instructions for resharpening also
included.  Right or Left handed models.  $50.00

Lifting Knives
A. Set of large and small knives.  Large is good for lifting cloth and
leather, splitting boards, removing hollows and mechanical removal of
backings. Small is great for lifting turn-ins and tight back spines. Fully
sharpened and polished.
Long bevel with slightly rounded edges for long life.  Large: 15 x 3 cm.
Small:15 x 1.5 cm.   Supplied with leather case.  $100.00

B.  Custom made scalpels and micro-lifting knives to your specifications.
Ebony handles, hand carved.  A handy size is 5 x .5 cm blade, overall length
ca.18 cm.  $75.00 + up.

Jeff Peachey
Peachey Conservation
150 E. 3rd. St., Suite 3E
New York, N.Y.  10009
voice/fax:  212.387.7860

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