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Re: Text In Book Format?

You're not missing something. Smith is an artist, and Bringhurst is a
scholar, and their approaches are very different. How you come to the book
arts will shape your response to the MANY resources out there... and some
are way out there.
   Text in The Book Format was an example, for me, of all the "touchy-feely"
things you can do with text... I approached it as a "text book" and that's
what I got out of it at first. Later I began to appreciate it as work of
art, personal and thoughtful, helpful in zen way. Bringhurst is a wealth of
knowledge well organized, and well presented, and very useful.
   Don't compare your sources as if they're in competition for validity.
Remember this is book arts not sciences.

I'll give Smith one more point: the first to put out something for us to
talk about.
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From: Julia Weldner <asong4god@xxxxxxxx>
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Date: Saturday, April 04, 1998 8:13 AM
Subject: Text In Book Format?

>I loved Keith Smith's bookmaking books, but was totally
>unimpressed with his "Text in the Book Format."  I got much
>more out of Robert Bringhurst's "The Elements of Typographic
>Style" and Robin Williams's "The Non-Designer's Design Book."
>I'm very new at all this.  Can anyone please tell me if I'm
>just missing something?
>Thank you very much.
>                            Julia
>              All things work together for good
>                  to them that love God.
>                                    Romans 8:28
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