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Galleries / Exhibitions / Pricing

Since we're having this discussion, a good one, I thought I'd throw the
next wrench into the gears. First off, let me say I agree with what Elias
Roustom wrote this morning. I think it's important that we all know why we
are creating the things we do. So while we have to work within the gallery
system or create our own, how do we go about pricing our work. I've had
discussions with people whose work I've wanted to buy and they've
hemmed and hawed about the price. Either they don't know what to charge
or they compare themselves to a Baskin or other perceived "demi-god." Mind
you, in almost all cases this is student work. So I haggle, and usually
pay more than I might have to, but since I'm buying because I like the
work I don't care. Now, a gllaery wants 60%. Do you say I'm taking a 60%
loss, or do you say that's fine, but I still want my $500, running the
risk of out-pricing yourself. Of course if you sell at the higher price
you're may also be doing yourself a favor. What is the basis used in
setting the price. Hourly doesn't work here, or for anything
creative. If we did that, noone could afford our work. Material
expenditures should play some role, but unless it's the Alterman's Billy
Budd with gold thread, plate and a diamond, it will most likely not amount
to much. So, where does one start. How does figure in experience and

An alternative to galleries, how many have tried "direct marketing"
through the web and listservs. Most of those who seem to buy "artist's
books" are libraries  and collectors who know what they're looking for.
The libraries, at least are all wired... I wonder if there are any stats
on success. I'd love to hear some other thoughts on the subject. Also
suggestions and advice for those just starting out. Failures, of course,
are also very helpful.



Peter Verheyen, Listowner: Book_Arts-L
315.443.9937 <wk> 315.443.9510 <fax>

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