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Re: Arkansas

At 12:43 07/04/98 -0500, you wrote:
>MY EMAIL IS BELOW _ MY web site is http://comp.uark.edu/~jmeyerb

Hi Janet!

I *really* like what you did with your main page! It's much better than
what you had before! The format is nice, simple and clean, except for one
MAJOR thing: you still *badly* need to re-size those thumbnails.

And I mean BADLY! :(

Let's see...it's 2:16pm and I've just gone to your site...let's see how
long it takes to load...

...it's now 2:25 and, although other ones are starting to load, your first
picture still hasn't fully loaded...

...2:30 and still loading...

...2:35 and, of the 22 graphics on that page, only 8 have fully loaded, 5
have partially loaded, and the remaining ones haven't even started yet. :(

I'm going to go make a sandwich...

...2:46 and still loading, plus 5 of your graphics haven't even started to
load yet...

...2:48 and it stopped loading, although those five graphics I just
mentioned didn't load at all -- that's more than half an hour to load an
incomplete web page. They latter five graphics don't show up as "broken"
graphics, so I can only assume that Netscape gave up or something. ;)  I
don't know what happened there, but let's see if we can find out...

Okay I've copied your HTML and all your graphics from that one page -- a
total of 905k (eek).

The graphics that didn't show up are...


When I try to open these in ACDSee (which can read just about any kind of
graphic) the message I get is "bad or unrecognized image header", in other
words, you need to re-do them.

But then, you really need to re-do all your graphics and make thumbnail
sized ones of each, and use those on that page. Even the larger versions
(which could be linked to, of course, through the thumbnails) could easily
be somewhere between 50k and 80k (which most of them already are --
although you've got one that's 231k -- except that the smaller versions
should just be, as I said, thumbnail versions of the larger ones). The
total for you page should be no more than 50k (based on what I see there),
and certainly nowhere near 905k (and that's just for the graphics that
*worked*, not counting those that didn't).

Apart from all that, you've got a stray "border=0>" at the bottom of your
page, plus you might want to run a spell/grammar check.

I didn't go any further than your first page.

I do hope you don't take offense to this criticism, but I remember seeing
some of your photography and it was pretty neat, and it'd be nice to see
you get a nice page up, but I'm afraid that, as it is, a lot of visitors to
your site will probably just give up and go home. :(

Take care, and best of luck getting those images shrunk down!

Ron :)

                       P  S  Y  M  O  N  ?  ?  ?  ?

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