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the book BUSINESS

Peter and y'all:

Let's hear it for the Internet! In the two and a half years I've had an
active set of web pages for Pequeno Press, I've gone from 12% (the first
year) to 20% of my book sales coming from Internet connections. It takes a
lot of time to network your existance to the world, but, considering the low
cost, it's well worth it. It really works!

After all the exhibitions I've been in over the years, the returns (other
than keeping a high profile, which has its delayed rewards) have been
medium-low by comparison.

My experiences with galleries as part of their permanent stable have also
been pretty low by comparison... even when I lived in Los Angeles with all
the galleries in the world to choose from. I actually prefer to market my
own product because I can sell it better than anyone else can.

After living 10 years in Mexico and 7 years in Bisbee AZ (population 7,000
on a good day) I find the Internet the very best way to flog the goods.

My original message was only concern for the % of RISE in exhibition fees,
not the fees themselves... God knows I wouldn't want to do their job... and
I have!


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