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Re: gold leaf

>I think that XX Glass means that it's not supposed to have any
>pinholes or cracks.  Regular has a lot more of this.  My Swift XX deep
>has a bit of this, whereas my Italian XX Glass has very little, if
>none. Originally. I bought the regular for tooling, the glass for edge
>gilding.  The glass gold holds up better than the regular.  Perhpas it
>is a little bit thicker than regular. If I tool with it, chances are
>the first time will be just right, and not have to patch.  When I've
>use regular, it seems that I always have more patching and clean up.
>I have always wanted to know this- how much gold is in an average
>book?  1 gram?
>Jake Benson

Hi Jake,
        I posted the original question because I have some XX Glass, but
never used it for tooling. Sounds as if it'd be even better than Regular!

        As for your second post, I'm skeptical about the camels carrying
the library in alphabetical order, but it's a nice image. I do believe the
one about FDR's mother, however.   Cheers!  Barbara

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