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entry fees

OK, I'm jumping in to the fray...

It's clear to me that both artists & galleries/show organizers work very
hard & deserve to be compensated for their work/risk/&c. But, in this
debate between overworked, underpaid artists vs. overworked, underpaid show
organizers, what about the issue of public support for the arts? I haven't
paid close enough attention to remember whether all who posted were from
the U.S. or not, but I wonder if folks from other countries are
experiencing the same dilemma w/ rising entry fees (or even entry fees at
all), starving artists & struggling arts presenters?

Many other countries recognize that the arts require govt. support: Per
capita spending on culture in the U.S. is $0.61, compared to $3.27 in
Canada, $16.53 in England, $75.34 in the Netherlands. (These are all U.S. $
equivalents as of 1994, from a chart in _Art Papers_ July/Aug 97, which
also notes that current funding has remained in similar proportion to
overall federal budgets.) I would imagine that some of this govt. support
is available for organizations wishing to hold art exhibitions.

Whenever I see a call for entries that has a fee attached to it, I sigh &
wish that the organizers had gotten a grant instead. My problem w/ entry
fees has mostly to do w/ (un)fairness to those artists who really don't
have any money & have to struggle just to pay for their art materials,
never mind pay for slides & postage & insurance &c. &c. &c.... Art in the
U.S. is something that only comparitively rich people can do successfully
(I mean careerwise, not artistically). In answer to the person who thinks
that art is like any other business & you have to pay for marketing: I
agree in theory. But I don't think the bank is in the habit of giving
small-business loans to fine artists so they can pay for entry fees & all
that other stuff we need.

Well, I was going to write about pricing too, but then this post would be
2x as long!

Indigo Som  ***  bitchy buddha press  ***  indigos@xxxxxxxxxx

"I can't even remember what it was I came here to get away from" --Bob Dylan

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