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Re: "fascicle"? and pricing

I issued _Minsky in Bed_ <http://www.minsky.com/mib.htm> in fascicles
1990-98. Subscribers received signatures of the book as I wrote and printed
them. Those who subscribed earliest (had the most faith I would survive to
finish the work) got the lowest price. The price increased each year until
"publication" when the book became available as a complete work.

I followed the same subscription/pricing policy on other books I published
which were not issued in fascicles, but were not as monumental and didn't
require so many years to complete.  I felt issuing in fascicles was
important if the subscribers had to wait many years. That way in the event
of my demise they would have in their possession whatever I had completed to
date. When all the fascicles were printed, the subscribers returned the ones
they had had received so I could bind them. Photos of those bindings are at
the _Minsky in Bed_ webpage linked above. For those who are not familiar
with this book, it is a memoir of my love life in the style of the
incunabula, with text and commentary, and historiated, inhabited,
illuminated erotic initial letters printed on handmade paper by inkjet, hand
colored and gilded.

On pricing and gallery commissions: to add a note to a recent posting, I
give gallery owners a commission on works they have exhibited if they are
sold within six months of their exhibit, even if I sell them from my studio.
I believe it's important to keep the galleries going, and that the publicity
of exhibits helps sell the work. I don't give the full commission for that,
but usually about 20%.


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