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Book notices: marbling, chinese bookbinding


Gentle readers...

Marblers take note.....

Muir Dawson, of Dawson's Bookshop has just received a few sets of the
materials printed about the International Gathering of Marblers in Instabul
last year.  These include the poster for the exhibit, the exhibit catalog,
and translated papers.  The three, together $25.00
                                Dawson's Bookshop
                                535 Larchmont Blvd
                                Los Angeles, CA 90004
                                Tel   213 469 2168
                                Fax: 213 469 9553

Bookbinders take note....

I have just (!!!) learned from Mr Martinique, author of the book I
mentioned on Chinese Bookbinding, that MOST of the copies of the book were
destroyed in a flood in Taiwan where the books were warehoused.  So, it may
be more difficult to shake a copy out of the woodwork.  But give it a try.
Well worth the attempt.  I bot my copy from an outfit in Californina in
1985, called CMC, that is  Chinese Materials Center.  Someone in SF may be
interested to investigate the possibility that a few copies are waiting for
a few intrepid sinophilic bibliophiles.  For which possibility I offer
address current in 1985.   Please let me know if anything turns up down
there, okay??

                                  CMC Publications
                                  Chinese Materials Center
                                   633 Post Street   Ste 251
                                  San Francisco, CA 94109 8299
                                  I have no phone or fax # for these folks.

About Ink and Gall, I hear from time to time that the publication is to be
reborn.  As yet I have seen nothing along these lines rising from the ashes
of the wildfire which did in fact destroy the magazine, for all intents and
purposes.  Sorry for the bad news about the magazine.  Some good news about
the marblers is that they seem to be ordering marbling supplies and,
presumably, to be marbling with them, unless they have devised a means of
metabolizing colored dirts, which, does, really, seem rather out of the

don             colophon@xxxxxxxxx

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