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Re: Galleries / Exhibitions / Pricing

I would love to hear from other artist out there how they sell their
art.  I exhibit in Hot Springs, but with not much luck.  I have
hopes of getting a gallery in May in California, so maybe I will have
sales this way.  So far the only sales I have had are at university
exhibitions.  Also for pricing, I price my stuff under $600.00, although
I have seen people that price their stuff real high on the internet.
I think this is a mistake.  Oh, yea if I price a piece at $600.00
I get $300.00, for a 40 or 50 hour piece, so you can see I make very
little money.  I don't do art for the money, just like a person riding
a bicycle doesn't get paid.  Please will so more people comment on this
subject of price, and gallerys.

Hi - this is Janet - I am an artist - do you need any art work?
Give me a call.  Logos, Murals, Signs - jmeyerb@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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