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Individual Messages to Listserv

As a graduate student in the book arts at the University of
Alabama I often enjoy this listserv for the information and
discussion provided.  At the same time, as a busy graduate student,
I am SO TIRED of reading/ deleting  personal or what seem to be
personal messages on here.  It seems to me that some people have been
"flamed" for doing this, but this occurs so regularly that I think
there is something else going on.  Perhaps more clear guidelines to
the listserv would help?

I certainly don't have time to wade through the barrage of messages
that are not directed to the entire list.  Certainly all of us in the
arts are not so dumb as to mis-address our snail mail.  Please, let's
all have some consideration for others and make a good effort to STOP
the junk mail / misdirected e-mail.

Any chance of clarifying the rules?

Off to make paste paper,

Rory Golden
University of Alabama MFA Program in the Book Arts

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