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Re: Individual Messages to Listserv

> I am SO TIRED of reading/ deleting  personal or what seem to be
> personal messages on here.  ...
> Please let's all have some consideration for others and make a good
> effort to STOP the junk mail / misdirected e-mail.
> Rory Golden

Of course, one of the problems here is that if anybody hits the REPLY
button on their browser (which many of us do automatically these days) they
will be replying to the full list rather than the individual, perhaps
without realising it.

If you want to answer the author of the message privately, then you can
find their E-Mail address (if it isn't contained in the message itself) by
highlighting the title of the message in your browser and hitting FILE and
then PROPERTIES.  When the Properties box comes up (on Internet Explorer 3
& 4, at least) then hit the DETAILS tab at the top of the window.

The private E-Mail address of the original sender is listed beside the
header "From :".

Note - NOT "Sender :" - this gives the address of the list.

Thomas Larque.

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