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Re: Individual Messages to Listserv

Sysop / Listowner time:

Yup it happens, even to me, but compared to other lists the amount of
personal mail sent to all is ridiculously small.

Irregardless of that, I urge all people to look to see who they are
responding to. By default, if you respond to something from the list, it
goes to all. Period. Some programs will prompt you with a choice, others
won't. Please look at the "to:" line before hitting the send button.
Sometimes, of course, the reply is of interest to many, sometimes not.

Let's just be respectful of each others bandwidth and NOT send messages
reminding the offender to watch it. That causes much more wasted messages
than anything else. If anyone does the reprimanding here it's me, and that
also means no flaming.

So, all that said, remember you have a delete key, use it at will, ... If
you lose something you wanted, it's always in the archive. See URL in the
header or below in my sig file. They're the same... Then click on the FAQ
button. Thanks to Walter Henry at Sanford for maintaining all the postings
over the years...

'nough said, back to our regular program.


>I certainly don't have time to wade through the barrage of messages
>that are not directed to the entire list.  Certainly all of us in the
>arts are not so dumb as to mis-address our snail mail.  Please, let's
>all have some consideration for others and make a good effort to STOP
>the junk mail / misdirected e-mail.
>Any chance of clarifying the rules?
>Off to make paste paper,
>Rory Golden
>University of Alabama MFA Program in the Book Arts

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