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Re: Galleries / Exhibitions / Pricing

One of the options I haven't seen mentioned is co-op galleries.  We started
a cooperative in Eastern Oregon with 10 regional contemporary artists. (I
guess we're probably  unique in Pendleton since we pay dirt cheap commercial
rent - $300 per month for an 800 sq. foot. space in a prime downtown
location - AND the landlord put in track lighting for us...!) We pay $50 per
month gallery dues, work two days per month and take on other duties that
take up a few evenings a month (openings, marketing, accounting,
maintinence, etc.) . The best part...? We get 100% of everything we make. We
do accept selected work on consignment which we charge a 40% commission to
show and sell. Obviously, in our area, we are not having to compete with
slick, upscale galleries and we are not showing the work of nationally known
artists, but we are selling a surprising amount of work. If you have more
time than money, and know several people with quality work that wouldn't
make you totally crazy to have to work closely with (and who won't frighten
your clientele while working their shift as "salesperson"), I would
recommend looking into it.


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