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Re: Creating 'the Last Book' to Hold All the Others

> Jacobson greatly admires the traditional book. "After all," he added,
>"if books had been invented after the computer, they would have been
>considered a big breakthrough. Books have several hundred simultaneous
>paper-thin, flexible displays. They boot instantly. They run on very low
>power at a very low cost."

Hah, sounds like this Jacobson really understands.

Whoever posted this here has a sick sense of humor.

I say bring it on, bring on the digital revolution, and make paper a thing
of the past... like touch and smell and the lovely ways organic materials
Who needs romance? Information is all we really need.

I'd really like to see this digital monster in a goat skin binding with head
bands... will they be able to make digital goldleaf for the spine? "The book
of the future
described to me on a visit to the Media Lab is really a book"... my ass! Who
else falls for the imitation wood grain on their TV sets?

I bet this Last Book has really good funding.

Where are we headed with all this? Are we beating a dead horse? or is there
some significance to what we do? Just love?

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